A downloadable game for Windows

Gravity Switch

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TTVl0dimyA&feature=youtu.be

Play as a Gravity Eater, the oldest species in the universe, going against the others of your kind. Because you know their true intentions, you have to stop them.
Go through 4 different areas of the Essen space station, shooting aliens, collecting coins, tickets and rewriting the laws of gravity.
Switch the direction of gravity to your advantage.

Arrow keys - Move
Z - Switch gravity
X - Shoot
Escape - Pause Button


Gravity Switch.exe 39 MB


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Played it on my show Indie Game Roundup (Starts at 18:59 if embed isn't working). Made it as my favorite game of the episode!

Wow. Thanks for playing my game on your show! I'm glad you enjoyed it and even made it favourite game of the episode. Sorry for the problems you had with a controller, i made it with keyboard in mind but I'll definitely try and add good controller support sometime.